Luge Track Design

A great downhill cart track design is paramount to any luge course. Make the most of your leisure location with Luge Cart World’s expertise. Our unique luge tracks will not only ensure fun and safety for riders but also longevity for carts so that your attraction is in tip-top shape for years to come.

Invest in a luge cart ride and elevate your business now

Before we supply carts to your company, our expert consultants will thoroughly check the viability of your proposed site. Safety is essential when it comes to luge carting, and this assessment will ensure that your customers can enjoy the fun of riding without fear. With our years of research, we will design a safe track surface and configuration to keep riders wanting to speed down the slope on repeat. Our excellent designs also ensure that our sturdy carts will last even longer, making future maintenance more manageable and less costly.

Explore the full potential of your land with a tailored downhill cart track creation. Are you a ski field searching for ways to keep your operations going during the winter sports season? We create luge cart tracks for businesses worldwide in both new and established locations, where luge attractions are the perfect solution to maximising year-round profitability in the ever-growing summer season.

XL8 luge carts: designed for safety and versatility

Attractions don’t have to be dangerous to be exciting. Contact us to discuss developing a safe and entertaining luge track creation that everyone will love. Learn more about return systems and barriers fitted perfectly for your particular track course, and discover our durable downhill carts today.