Downhill Cart Return Systems

Let your riders experience the thrill of luge carting repeatedly with Luge Cart World’s convenient return systems. Quickly get both riders and carts to the start of the course so the fun never stops. The most efficient way to achieve this is by implementing a chair lift operation typically used on a ski field for returning the skiers to the top of the mountain. This gives ski field operators a huge advantage in terms of time and finances, as chairlifts will already be in place and can be easily adapted into a luge gondola system

Components of our luge return system

Our luge cart return system consists of three parts: first, the mechanism which carries the carts and riders up the hill, typically a chairlift. Secondly, the conveyors which move carts into the correct position to be pulled up by the chairlift hooks. Finally, the hooks themselves, which are securely installed beneath and on the back of the chairs. This effective design ensures a steady stream of carts are always available for your riders at a safe distance apart.

How the chair lift operation works

While the rider sits on the chair, the cart will be collected and positioned to the correct height by a lift conveyor belt. Hooks installed beneath the chair will catch the cart’s handlebar, lifting it to transport the cart up the hill with the rider. Once at the top of the hill, the rider will exit the chairlift first. Then, the luge cart will be released and rolled back to the start. With preparation by staff, the cart is ready to ride again.

Install downhill cart gondolas and propel your business forward with a luge cart ride now

Keep your customers constantly entertained with our convenient return systems. Contact us to discuss how we can install a return system and track design that works for your location. Read more about our speedy carts and protective track barricades to start planning your newest attraction today.