Downhill Carts

Give your customers the time of their lives with fun and thrilling luge carts fuelled by gravity alone. Luge Cart World’s top-class gravity carts are specifically engineered to reduce impact and allow for speed control, making riders feel confident with a comfortable, safe experience.

XL8 luge carts: designed for safety and versatility

Our patent-protected XL8 carts are internationally certified in Australia and Europe and used in downhill cart courses worldwide. Built with durable high-density polymer plastic, their robust construction means a safer drive for customers and less maintenance for you. Our XL8 cart’s user-friendly design includes a comfortable seat and foot wells to accommodate varying leg lengths, making them suitable to ride for children and adults alike. XL8 luge carts are available in a variety of vibrant primary colours.

How our downhill carting system works

Designed for safety, our XL8 luge carts are equipped with impact-reducing front and rear bumper zones. Twin hydraulic discs in the rear wheels operated by a brake lever enable riders to slow their speed, just like a bicycle. These intuitive, effective brakes give your customers total control and comfort around even the tightest turns. They also allow parents and children to ride together in the same cart, making luge carting a fun, fast-paced family activity accessible for everyone.

Invest in an adrenaline-fuelled gravity cart attraction and grow your enterprise today

Make your location a must-visit with an exhilarating new attraction that people of all ages can enjoy. Our expert team will help design a unique track that fits your space, alongside a return system and barriers. Gift your customers a safe and exciting new attraction that will leave them wanting to travel back for more. Contact us to discuss bringing luge carts to your site today.