Downhill Cart Track Barriers

Keep your riders safe with a protective barrier specifically designed for luge cart tracks. Our experts will help recommend the best barrier system for your track design. Make the most of your location with our carts and return system, and contact us to find out more information today.

Our two types of connected barriers

We produce two types of barriers for your luge cart track: L barriers and Link barriers. Both types are made of HPDE (high-density polyethylene) plastic, an enduring material which has bacteria-immune and chemical-resistant properties. Weather resistant and highly durable, these barriers are built to last against the outdoor environment, saving replacement costs for you. Both barrier systems are suitable for straight and corner sections, and their customizability means you can easily modify your track to create entry doors.

The L barrier offers a sleek way to line your course, bolted right to the sides of the track. This barrier system occupies significantly less space than traditional alternatives, increasing visibility for riders to see the sights. Each L-shaped barrier is 2.5m long.

The modular Link barrier connects together to form your track’s edge, just like a traditional go-karting barrier. Its larger, hollow design means the barrier absorbs impacts, reducing the risk of injuries and increasing safety for riders. Continuous and flexible protection allows for maximum impact absorption. Each Link barrier is 1.5m long.

Source your track barrier system and expand your business with a luge cart ride today

Keep riders on-course with luge cart track barriers. With strategic placement, barriers prevent carts from going off the track. This lets your customers stay safe as they navigate the slope and whiz around corners. Luge Cart World’s downhill cart barriers are easy to install and customise to make the perfect track for your location.