XL8 Luge Carts

The XL8 is Luge Cart World’s latest designed cart. The large rear aluminum wheels gives the luge cart rider a smoother and quieter ride. It features generous leg room for larger riders and a secondary foot position for smaller riders, with hydraulic disk brakes for extra safety and control.  The unique design of the XL8 makes the job of routine maintenance easier.

Due to safety considerations and our own strict certification processes we do not sell carts as individual items to the general public.

Our primary business model is the design and oversight of Luge Cart park developments with the carts being part of the overall project.

However if approached by a commercial client with an existing luge park we would request to inspect the design, construction and serviceability of the existing track or that of an uncommissioned luge track which has not been designed by LCW, as a condition of sales.

This is to satisfy our professional and moral responsibility that our carts will be utilised on a safe and functional luge track. Firstly this will minimise any risk to the patrons (riders or customers) and secondly that the track layout, safety systems, track barriers or track sides, are such that future damage to the luge carts is equally minimised.  

A poorly laid out track with incorrect banking, poor surface finish, poor drainage, inappropriate adjacent foliage or structure can cause unnecessary risk and damage to riders and the carts.

Our XL8 Luge cart also complies with AS3533.1 - Amusement Rides and Devices - Design and Construction

See our Luge Carts in action at Silverdale Adventure Park


XL8 Luge Cart Specifications


1,550 mm


600 mm


350 mm

Shipping Weight

32 kg

Number of wheels


Rider capacity

1 adult or 1 child

Max. rider weight

120 kg

Max. rider height

2,250 mm

Min. rider height

900 mm

Brake type

Hydraulic disk

Brake Control

Handle bar lever

Tyre material


Body material

High strength plastic

UV Protection

5+ years