Company Overview

LUGE CART WORLD (LCW) is based in one of the most adventurous nations of the world, New Zealand (NZ). We are committed to providing customers with consultancy, infrastructure, planning, track design, and carts resulting from our many years of research, development and testing.  Our product is designed to meet the best of maintenance, durability, operational and safety standards.

LCW is a subsidiary company of Pyramid Engineering -  Our office is based at the Pyramid Engineering manufacturing facility in Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand. Pyramid Engineering is a high quality engineering manufacturer whose specialty is highly reliable precision manufactured components however the company operates across all sectors of the engineering disciplines.  

Our Customers

Our customers are commercial operators around the world who wish to have one of the most environmentally low impact yet commercially viable rides available. We do not sell luge carts for private use as uncontrolled use can be very unsafe.

Luge Carting

Luge carting is especially suited to all year around operation but is also a great option to utilise existing infrastructure in a winter destination that has a high summer visitor count. Gravity simply delivers a ride that is thrilling enough for the extreme adventurer yet enjoyable for very old and very young riders. Rider’s manage their own speed therefore they self-regulate the experience. Riders find it an addictive activity with sufficient speed and G-forces to suit all tastes. Slow riders are encouraged to provide passing opportunities for fast riders so everyone is happy.  (Slow riders ride to the left and fast riders may overtake on the right, as a safe principal.)

Track Design

There is a need to design tracks that encourage smooth riding to deliver a challenging ride, whilst simultaneously managing ride safety. This requires an intimate understanding of Luge Track design, the terrain on which it is being applied and other influencing factors. Thus track design is a science and art in its own right.

Introducing the XL8 - Luge Cart

Our XL8 luge cart incorporates the latest research and development to provide a cart that meets the highest standards of operational, construction, maintenance enhancements and strengthening applied. We now deliver the very best luge cart in the world at the right cost, with the right performance.

Luge carts are subject to vigorous use such as collisions with other carts and safety barriers therefore our carts have been designed and tested to withstand this with minimal maintenance. Our cart’s components meet high standards and comply to AS3533.1 Amusement Rides and Devices - Design and Construction.

Xl8 Luge Cart

Our People

People involved in LCW are engineers with an appetite for adventure. You could call us ‘big kids’ and we are OK with that.  We bring a great deal of value to the table for those investigating and ultimately constructing their own luge carting facility.  We endeavor to provide all the information you need from initial concept to successful operation. Our consultants travel world-wide to meet and discuss a customer’s desires to ensure they are realistic, affordable and equally sustainable.

Environmental and Sustainability Impact

We define environmental sustainability as low energy demand, low waste output and long term enhancement of ground, water, air, audible and the visual attributes.

There are fundamentally only two inputs required to keep luge carting operational; overcoming gravity and park enhancement opportunity.

Overcoming Gravity - It takes energy to move people and equipment up an elevation so this ends up being the primary use of energy.  Fortunately, people and carts are not especially heavy so the energy consumption is relatively low.

Enhancement opportunity - improvement of the natural environment by a variety of means including site clean-up, waste removal, planting, pest and weed control, habitat recovery etc. are readily achieved.  We believe these add high experiential value, capital value increase to the operation yet are low cost and long lasting. 

Luge carting is so close to the ground that the visual impact of the activity is negligible, from an observer’s perspective.  

Aerial transport systems (chairlifts) are very quiet in operation but do have a visual impact.  Incorporating a cart delivery system on to existing infrastructure is relatively easy and therefore minimises any additional environmental impact or disturbance. 

LCW encourages operators to make every effort to add value to the environment.

A commercial luge operation - Considerations

The following considerations are what you will need to establish as a sustainable facility:

  • Sufficient finance to finish the project 
  • A suitable location combining hilly terrain and good access or proximity to the target market
    • The location will need to provide for the transport servicing of the expected visitor numbers, including car parking, buses or other transport systems
  • The terrain will need to be geo technically stable
    • The terrain will need to be generally in a range of slope from 2.5 to 15 degrees
  • There will need to be a reasonable sized platform either existing or viably constructed at the top of the site for reception of the carts and rider preparation
  • Suitably designed and constructed concrete luge cart tracks
  • Sufficient luge carts to service peak load periods and carts that will be in preventative maintenance
  • A rider return transport system which can be as simple as a truck or as large as an aerial skyway(s)/chairlift – depending on the terrain, visitor numbers, scale of the project
    • A luge cart return system may be integrated with a chairlift system or a separate solution
  • Cart handling at the top and bottom and a cart storage facility
  • Visitor and staff servicing facilities; food, shelter, restrooms
  • Luge cart maintenance facilities
  • Emergency services access
  • Utilities – water, waste treatment, electricity

business associates

Luge Cart World engineering design, manufacturing and production supporting company is Pyramid Engineering with Silverdale Adventure Park enabling the testing of improvements and enhancements to our track, cart and business processes.  Silverdale Adventure Park is Auckland's latest northern adventure attraction.  Please see their website at


Luge Cart World is committed to providing operators with consultancy, equipment and support services for everything Luge cart related. Luging is more than carts on a track. It is an experience resulting from excellence in design and construction.

Please contact us if you are interested in building your own Luge Park at


Please note we operate with a 30 days conditions of trade in our business model and all documentation or agreements.